You miss the point. Reporters and editors are filthy people, but the talented ones also *loathe themselves* for their filth. A disordered, sticky, over-piled desk is useless if it doesn't serve as an emblem of a miserable reporter's disordered, sticky, over-piled personal life. We hate our desks as we hate ourselves.… » 1/14/15 2:29pm 1/14/15 2:29pm

The FOIA Training Video That the Pentagon Redacted

In 2001, the Pentagon produced a strange training video, for internal use and at a cost of more than $70,000, designed to teach civilian and military employees how the Freedom of Information Act works. It was comically dumb, featuring a noir private detective in a hack Humphrey Bogart accent navigating a World War… » 3/21/14 4:46pm 3/21/14 4:46pm

The Chris Christie Gangbang Sex Tape That Wasn't [NSFW]

So a guy came by the office the other day. I'll call him Bill. Bill was accompanied by an established journalist that several Gawker staffers know. Bill had something he wanted to show us, and the journalist was making an introduction. What he wanted to show us: Chris Christie and several unidentified males having sex… » 3/18/14 12:55pm 3/18/14 12:55pm

I decided to redact that on the off chance that it could impact any potential future sexual harassment claims, like the one we suspected that private eye might have been digging into—the one who called Josh Stein and asked if Gawker was an oppressive workplace for straight guys. » 3/05/14 9:19pm 3/05/14 9:19pm