Gawker Heroes: Rob Ford, of Course it Was Always Rob Ford

Losers need heroes. Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is, himself, no loser. He was born the scion of a label empire and slid into political life on greased skids. He never wanted for anything, or had to work particularly hard to get where he is. But oh what he has accomplished with the gift of noble birth! »12/31/13 1:39pm12/31/13 1:39pm

Anthony Weiner Thinks People Were Interested in His Dickpics Because of His Funny Name

At the time, Weiner couldn’t believe the size of the media maelstrom, but now he sees all the factors that contributed to it: “My last name; the fact that I was this combative congressman; the fact that there were pictures involved; the fact that it was a slow news period; the fact that I was an idiot about it; the…

»4/10/13 11:03am4/10/13 11:03am